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    Vistamix is a my documentation on a 1 day workshop I have taught for the last two years at North Carolina State University’s Summer Design Camp. The goal in this one day class is to go through the whole process of storyboarding, building, animating and adding audio to a short stop motion animation.[slideshow id=3]

    The pace is hectic, and strategic/creative decisions have to be made to get something finished in a very tight time frame. The upside is that stop motion animation is inherently flexible in what materials someone uses; traditional drawing, the ubiquitous clay, and other materials either traditional or new, a wide variety of ways to produce, and just as many different outcomes. It can truly be said that one’s animation will not look like another’s at the end of the day.

    Just as important is the idea of constructing solid visual stories that make sense and are engaging, or mood pieces that do not tell a traditional story, but are enjoyed for their visual splendor. To do so requires someone to think like a director, using visual composition, lighting and motion. Animation is a form of film making that can have greatly reduced demands on equipment and budget; the biggest expenditure will always be time.

    The documentation follows chronologically during this one-day workshop. Concepts are kept brief and to the point. There are many good books that can offer much more information and detail on the animation process; this site tries to present just the basic basics. It is a stripped down hotrod that will get you there fast.